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Needles and Pig Tails Itinerary


This ride encompasses some of the most breathtaking views of the Black Hills. Novice riders, be aware that there are many sharp turns and elevation changes that can be challenging. Allow plenty of time for riding as well as stopping for photos.

    1. SCENIC RIDE | Keystone – Sylvan Lake

      • 24 miles | Approx. 50 minutes.
        1. Leaving Keystone, take Hwy. 244 WEST toward Mt. Rushmore.
          • If you choose to stop at the memorial, there is an $11 fee to park in the parking garage. Otherwise, you may ride by for a quick viewing. Don't miss the pull-off about ¼ past the memorial, where there is a profile view of George Washington.
        2. Continue on Hwy. 244 WEST to the junction of US Highway 385/US-16 W/US-385 S., and turn LEFT.
        3. Take the 1st left onto SD-87. Follow 87 about 5 miles to a "Y" in the road, Jct. 89. Turn left here to continue following Hwy. 87 and enter Custer State Park.

      This ride is full of twists and turns, and offers the opportunity to view the Needles, a unique series of rock formations, up close. Allow plenty of time for photo stops and slower speeds.

    2. PHOTO SHOT | Sylvan Lake

      • Take the opportunity to stretch your legs at one of the most picturesque lakes in the Black Hills.  The Sylvan Lake Shore Trail makes a complete one mile loop around the lake. There is also a small souvenir shop and snack bar for a bite to eat.   There is a $10 per bike Custer State Park permit required to enter the park that is valid for 7 days.

    3. SCENIC RIDE |Sylvan Lake – Iron Mountain Road

        • 25 miles | Approx. 50 minutes.
          1. Continue on Hwy. 87 into Custer State Park approx. 9 miles.
          2. Turn left onto US-16 Alt. E.  After approx. 6 miles, turn left again in order to stay on US-16 Alt E.
          3. Stay RIGHT at the fork to continue on US 16 Alt. E which will take you back into Keystone.

      This ride will take you over the scenic pig-tail bridges, and offer some spectacular views of Mount Rushmore.  The ride has many switch backs and turns, so allow plenty of time for slower speeds.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mount Rushmore National Memorial - Photo Credit - SD TourismPhoto Credit - SD Tourism

Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake - Photo Credit - SD TourismPhoto Credit - SD Tourism

Pig Tails of Iron Mountain Road

Pig Tails of Iron Mountain Road - Photo Credit - SD TourismPhoto Credit - SD Tourism