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Fall Colors


Fall in the Black Hills is particularly beautiful and the changing colors mixed with the cooler temperatures makes for the perfect chance to go riding through the Hills’ changing roads. Note that weather is always unpredictable in South Dakota and it could be quite cool this time of year, so be sure to pack a coat and chaps and gloves to keep warm.

  1. SCENIC RIDE | Rapid City - Nemo, SD

    • 21.5 miles | Approx. 37 minutes
      1. Take Mt. Rushmore Road to Omaha Street and head west
      2. Omaha Street turns into South Canyon Road, continue straight
      3. South Canyon Road turns into Nemo Road, continue straight

  2. Scenic Ride | Nemo – Sturgis, SD

    • 18.3 miles | Approx. 30 minutes

      The ride to Sturgis goes through Vanocker Canyon, which provides the perfect opportunity for some twisty roads and beautiful rock cliffs full of trees. Take it slow and enjoy the scenery.

      1. Head north on Nemo Road towards Dude Wrangler Road
      2. Turn right onto Vanocker Canyon Road
      3. Continue straight onto Junction Ave.

    Sturgis is a great place to get out and walk around and stretch the legs if needed. Check out Main Street Sturgis, the hub of the historic Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

  3. SCENIC RIDE | Sturgis - Deadwood, SD

    • 15.2 miles | Approx. 23 minutes

      Boulder Canyon combines a mixture of twists and turns and large hills, so use caution and enjoy the scenery as you follow Bear Butte Creek through the canyon.

      1. From Junction, turn left onto Lazelle Street and take it through town
      2. Lazelle Street turns into US 14A/ALT West/Boulder Canyon
      3. Continue straight through Boulder Canyon

  4. LUNCH | Geo's Eats and Drinks

    Enjoy a quick bite to eat at Geo’s Eats and Drinks at 11 Charles Street. They offer a wide variety of hearty burgers, sandwiches, salads, and much more to give you energy to keep riding.

    After lunch enjoy a walk through Historic Deadwood along the cobble street. Stop in Deadwood Tobacco Company and get stocked up with the best tobacco and cigars Deadwood has to offer.

  5. SCENIC RIDE | Deadwood - Spearfish, SD

    • 14.8 miles | Approx. 22 minutes
      1. After lunch, head northeast on US-14 ALT E/US-85 N
      2. Make a slight left onto US-85 N
      3. Turn left onto E Colorado Blvd.

  6. SCENIC RIDE | Spearfish - Lead, SD

    • 28.1 miles | Approx. 47 minutes
      1. Turn left onto US-14 ALT E and follow it through Spearfish Canyon
      2. Continue to US-85 S and follow that into Lead

    Spearfish Canyon offers some of the most picturesque views of fall colors in the Black Hills. You will ride past Bridal Veil Falls and can get off your bike to take some pictures of it. There are many sharp turns and Spearfish Canyon attracts many people looking at the fall colors, so use caution as you are riding.

    Spearfish Canyon is also home to the beautiful Roughlock Falls. It is located just off the main road. If you wish to see it, note that the ride up there is on a gravel road, or there is a trail you can hike to get to it.

    Colors in Spearfish Canyon usually peak around the last weekend in September and the first week in October.

  7. SCENIC RIDE | Lead – Rapid City, SD

    • 43.2 miles | Approx. 1 hour
      1. Head east on US-85 N
      2. Turn right onto US-385 S (signs for Custer)
      3. Turn left onto SD-44 E

  8. DINNER | Sugar Shack

    Stop on your way back to Rapid City at the Sugar Shack, the best place in the Hills for a burger. They are located just off of US-385 and it gives you an opportunity to stretch your legs before heading home. The Sugar Shack is known for its large, juicy burgers and is a popular stop for riders.

Vancocker Canyon

Vanocker Canyon

Deadwood, SD


Spearfish Canyon

Spearfish Canyon